5 Sounds Your Heater Shouldn’t Make

As homeowners, we want to ensure that your heating system can run efficiently without any hindrance. To tackle this problem, we must be careful about the sounds the heating system makes. The sounds from the unit can tell us whether we require heating repair service. In the event you do, contact After Hours Heating and Air for the best service in Mount Washington and the surrounding areas.

If you can repair your system on time, you will save money and maintain the integrity of your unit for many years to come. It falls under our responsibility to understand and identify these sounds on time.

The Top 5 Sounds that your Furnace Makes

  • Chirping Sounds

It is one of the usual heater noises that homeowners complain of in the case of both new and old systems. According to our professional heating and air service in Louisville, KY, a chirping sound indicates something is wrong with the internal system.

It is hard to find the root of this problem alone. It can be the sounds of worn-out bearings, wheel misalignment, warped mounting plates, and so on. Hire After Hours Heating and Air for professional heating repair service in Mount Washington.

  • Booming Sounds

Does your furnace make a booming sound while starting up? If so, you may want to inspect the burners. Due to the constant work, the burners accumulate dust gradually. Failure to clean the burners will lead to such furnace conditions.

The booming sound also indicates the ductwork expansion that might be inadequately sized. At this point, call After Hours Heating and Air for a professional furnace repair service in Mount Washington.

  • Screeching Sounds

The screeching sound indicates the heating system is facing severe problems working efficiently. It can happen due to the malfunctioned blower motor. As a result, you will get enough heat across your house.

As per the heating and air professionals, the blower motor is a significant part. If the parts in your system are not lubricated enough, the screeching sound emerges. You must call for the heating repair experts in Mount Washington to deal with this problem.

  • Clanking Sounds

Clanking is like a metal-to-metal sound, which is not a good sign. It might be the cause of the broken furnace blower wheel.

To prevent this problem, you can first turn off the system and inspect the system from the above. However, if the problem appears too complex, call for expert help.

  • Rattling Sound

Have you ever wondered what it sounds like when a screen or panel in a system is loose? It could sound rattling or less rattling.

It might also occur as a result of blocked furnace filters preventing airflow. It is preferable to address this issue as soon as feasible. Make contact with After Hours Heating and Air, a reputable heating and air company in Louisville, Kentucky.


Understanding the signs of your heating system is always better than regretting it later. When you opt for a professional heating and air service provider in Louisville, KY, every heating problem can be dealt with easily. Hire the best in the business – After Hours Heating and Air. We believe in providing exceptional service. Choose us for your furnace needs, and you won’t be disappointed.