Indoor Air Quality Services In Shepherdsville, KY

Ever thought about which is the best air duct cleaning near me? The answer to your question is After Hours Heating and Air, the best air duct cleaning service in Shepherdsville, KY. We provide the best indoor air quality services that include air purification, ventilation, and humidity control.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services in the Everett, WA area, which include:

  • Air Conditioner

A dirty air conditioning system can produce harmful gases, soot, smoke, unwanted noises, and foul smells. All of this leads to high electricity bills, and to avoid it, we offer various services like AC maintenancerepairinstallation, and upgrades.

  • Heating

We offer the following services: heating repairheating serviceheating replacementheating maintenance, and HVAC repair. We provide 24×7 emergency HVAC services in Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas.

  • Indoor air quality

The indoor air quality services include:

  1. Air purification: To eliminate pollen, dust, dirt, allergens, etc., and provide you with the best indoor air quality. We use the right air filter, indoor air quality unit, and air scrubber for air purification.
  2. Humidity control: To eliminate dry air from your house responsible for sore throat, itchy skin, dry nose and acts as a breeding ground for bugs, mold, and rusty surfaces.
  3. Ventilation: To help your home get rid of moisture, cooking odors, smoke, and other indoor pollutants.
  • Heat pumps

Heat pumps are very efficient and act as an all-in-one heating and cooling system. In the summer season, it helps to remove the heat from your home and transfer it outdoors. In the winter season, it does the exact opposite. We can help you with the heat pump installation and provide you with 24×7 emergency heating and cooling repair services.

  • Maintenance plan

Most heating and cooling systems/equipment are durable. However, they still need some maintenance to work efficiently for years. We provide the services like the inspection, servicing, cleaning, and maintenance of your equipment regularly to help you save money in the long run.

  • Financing

We can also help you provide financing for your HVAC system. The plans and the rate of interest differ according to the duration for which you take the loan. You can learn about the same in detail by visiting our website.

Why Choose Us?

We are the best air duct cleaning service providers in Shepherdsville, KY, and surrounding areas. There are various reasons which show why you should choose us, like:

  • Experienced team

We have an experienced team that can handle everything: repairing your system, maintenance, installation, and replacements. We ensure timely completion of work with all the tiniest details and finishing touches being kept in mind to get you a comfortable system that will last for many seasons.

  • Emergency services

We offer 24×7 emergency services with the help of our experienced team for your heating or cooling system.

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You can visit us at the address: 180 Derek Road, Shepherdsville, KY, and call us on (502) 289-5702. You can also leave your queries or schedule your appointment through our website

Our Indoor Air Quality Services includes:


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