How Often Should Your AC Be Serviced?

HVAC units are complex systems that perform a simple task: heating and cooling your home. They have numerous electrical and mechanical components that can wear out, lose efficiency, or break if not properly serviced.

Compare air conditioning service in Shepherdsville to car maintenance; while your air conditioner, furnace, and heat pump services are distinct, you must also maintain them. Otherwise, your HVAC system could fail, costing you a lot of money.

How Often Should AC Be Serviced?

If maintained and serviced biannually, an air conditioning unit has an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Your air conditioning unit can keep you comfortable in muggy and hot climates. An air conditioner breakdown must not jeopardize this level of comfort.

How much you use it determines the frequency with which you have your air conditioning service in Shepherdsville. If you use your unit every day of the year, it may be worthwhile to have it serviced at least three times a year. If you only use it occasionally or only in the summer, you should have it serviced yearly.

What is the Significance of Routine Maintenance?

  • Air conditioners keep the heat at bay, purify the air, and regulate our body temperatures. They are certain appliances that we frequently use in the home.
  • Air conditioners, for example, should be serviced at least twice a year by skilled HVAC contractors in Shepherdsville. When you do not practice regular maintenance, your air conditioner is at risk of breaking down before its time.
  • You deserve to get good value when you have spent a significant amount of money on an air conditioning unit. Servicing the unit is an efficient way to accomplish this.

DIY Service Suggestions

When working on your AC unit, ensure it is not plugged in and that no power is being supplied to it. Always keep the power off when working with electrical appliances.

Remove The Filter

Dirt and grime buildup in your air conditioning unit’s filter is almost unavoidable. Remove the filter, scrub the dirt away, rinse, and replace. You must do this regularly, especially in humid weather. If you have allergies, a buildup of dirt in your filter can aggravate them.

Clean Your Unit

After cleaning the filter, ensure that all indoor vents are neat and clean. Pour a half-bleach, half-water solution into the outside drain to keep mold and fungus growing in your ducts. However, you mustn’t attempt to open the outdoor unit when cleaning and instead clean without disassembling it. A professional HVAC repair in Mount Washington specialist should always do this.

Examine its Performance

After thoroughly cleaning your unit, it is vital that you simply evaluate its performance. You can accomplish this by turning it up to full power and letting it run. If you notice any stuttering or other issues while running, you may have problems. Call a skilled professional for HVAC repair in Mount Washington. On the other hand, if your unit runs smoothly and calmly, you should not be concerned.

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