Simple Tricks To Clean your AC

Cleaning your air conditioner is necessary for maintaining good indoor air quality. Air conditioner filters are made to collect dust (and occasionally other pollutants such as pollen and bacteria). If they aren’t cleaned regularly, they might clog and gather moisture, leading to mold growth. AC service in Shepherdsville will help run your system more efficiently. The dust filters and the machine’s guts become clogged the more it has to work to move air, cool, or heat.

Clear the Drain

  • One of the simplest ways to clean your air conditioner at home is to clear the drain. It’s also essential since a clogged drain can lead to mold growth in the unit and water damage to the ceiling and walls. AC companies in Shepherdsville advise that the drain only needs to be cleaned once a year.
  • Purchase a cap from a hardware shop to place on the drain’s end for a more thorough cleaning. Afterward, empty the drain with a dry vacuum, sucking out all the dirt and debris. When you’re finished, remove the cap.

Clean the Filters

  • If you use the unit mainly in the summer, clean the filters in the spring to ensure that it is ready for peak season and again after the summer is through.
  • Some models come with a washable and detachable air purifying filter. Go to the instructions to learn how to clean or replace this filter or take professional help like AC repair Shepherdsville.
  • Take the dust filters outside and shake or brush them well. They can usually be vacuumed for a thorough clean; if you have one, use the dusting brush head on your vacuum cleaner.
  • If the dust filters are dirty, they can be washed and rinsed clean in warm water with a bit of detergent. AC companies in Shepherdsville suggest that before putting them back in the unit, make sure the filters are completely dry.

Using Chemicals to Clean

  • If routine maintenance hasn’t been done, the debris will be too much for a vacuum to remove. When this happens, you’ll have no choice except to use chemical cleaners.
  • The only method to get corrosive material, dirt, mold, and other harmful crap off the inside parts of your AC unit is to use chemicals.
  • DIY is difficult as it involves disassembling the AC’s components and cleaning them in a chemical solution. Pipes and other unit sections that can’t be detached or dismantled can be cleaned by flushing a chemical solution over them and wiping it away gently.
  • Chemical cleaning can be avoided with proper maintenance, which can be scary for those who haven’t done DIY aircon cleaning before.
  • The more you keep your AC clean, the less dirt it will accumulate, and the less likely you will have to use chemicals to clean it. Despite being the most time-consuming option, an excellent chemical clean will prevent mold growth and improve indoor air quality by enhancing your air conditioner’s performance and cooling efficiency.

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