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Air Cleaner – Mt Washington

Help your allergies with a whole house air cleanerFor many homeowners in the Mt. Washington area, having an air cleaner is all that is needed to boost indoor air quality. Having an air cleaner installed helps to protect your home from contaminants, dust and pollens.

Air Cleaner Installation

At After Hours we walk you through the selection process of choosing an air cleaner system that fits your home needs. We offer only the best brand of products to ensure customer satisfaction with top rated warranties. Choosing the right air purifier requires the knowledge and background that only a professional air purifier technician can have. At After Hour Heating and Air we will explain the benefits of each particular choice so you can feel confident in the decision you are making. We take our time to go over every detail to make your new system perfect and save you money on your energy bills. After you have chosen the air cleaner system best for your home our technicians will handle the installation of your new heating system, making it a hassle-free experience.

Air Cleaner Maintenance

Are you worried that your air cleaning components aren’t working properly? Scheduling maintenance can help improve the quality of your air and save you money on your monthly energy bill. With a properly functioning air cleaner unit your HVAC system can run at full capacity allowing for a more reliable heating and cooling experience. We are committed to providing excellent, high-quality air cleaner maintenance services.

When you need speedy, high-quality air cleaner services call the dependable HVAC professionals at After Hours Heating and Air or visit our contact page for a free estimate on new installations.