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Heat Pump – Mt Washington

Thermostat for heat pumpHeat pumps are an all-in-one cooling and heating system. They are ideal for residential use all year around in Mt. Washington. In the summer it works like an air conditioner, removing the heat from your home and transferring it outdoors. During the winter it is the opposite, where heat from outdoors is transferred into your home to provide heat. A heat pump is one of the most efficient central heating systems that can be used. Our experts at After Hours Heating and Cooling understand the need for a quality heat pump, which is why we only use Armstrong Air heating pumps because of their impressive array of comfort and technology. Our heating pumps are reliable and efficient.

Our main concern at After Hours Heating and Air is your comfort. We are going to provide you with the best product and quality possible to increase your home’s value while reducing your energy bills. With 24/7 emergency heating repair services available, you can be confident that our expert residential heating technicians in Mt. Washington, KY will be there when you need us the most!

Heat Pump Installation

We start with the question; which heat pump is the best choice for your home? Our residential heating technicians eliminate the confusion to help you understand your options. Once you have selected the heat pump for your residential needs we will begin to install your new system, making it a hassle-free experience.

Heat Pump Repair

We understand that when you need your heat pump repaired there is a sense of urgency, which is why we offer a 24/7 emergency heating repair service. We want to ensure that you have the service you need when you need it, especially during those winter months. We offer reliable heating repair and service on all makes and models of heat pump systems. The experienced technicians at After Hours can handle all types of minor and major heating pump repairs for Residential customers. Let the experts in residential heat pump repairs make it easy with fast and friendly service. We will have your home and family feeling comfortable in no time.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Why schedule professional heat pump maintenance on your residence? Servicing your equipment annually will ensure that it is running correctly and efficiently, while offering the advantage of extending the life of your equipment. When you allow a professional heat pump maintenance technician to inspect and tune up your system thoroughly, you will save money on energy use and future repairs. Finding problems with your heat pump in the early stages allows technicians to quickly fix the problem before any damage occurs to your system. We provide service and maintenance to all brands of residential heat pumps.

When you need speedy, high-quality service call the dependable heat pump professionals at After Hours Heating and Air or visit our contact page for a free estimate.