6 Problems Your Heater Might Have

A heater comes in handy during cooler weather. However, heaters will begin to exhibit defects and issues in components that are used frequently or in situations that are not handled properly. These issues need fixing for the furnace to operate correctly. 

Common Heating Issues in your system

Here are some typical issues a heater may run into, along with solutions;



1. Strange Noises

One of the top heating issues is odd noises emanating from the heaters, which indicates that maintenance is necessary. In addition, popping and screeching suggest that something inside the appliance may have come loose. As determining the cause of the sounds may be challenging, heating repair in Mount Washington should be completed to resolve the issue.



2. Regular Pedaling or Slow Start

A delayed startup period, like some other anomalies in your equipment, is reason sufficient to get your HVAC system examined. In addition, similarly, one of the top heating issues is a device that regularly or continuously phases (turning off and on).


Again, the problem needs fixing because faults could bring it about with the thermostat, insufficient airflow, or a blocked filter.



3. Thermostat Problems

An incorrect or inefficient thermostat indicates that something is wrong with the heating. It is because it frequently ties to electric difficulties such as triggered circuit breakers, burst fuses, and loose wiring.


The thermostats job is to tell your heaters how much heat to generate. Whenever the volume suggested by the thermostats and the furnaces different, heating and air repair services  become important.



4. Issues With Older Heaters

Although some models may last up to 20 years, heaters have a lifecycle and change after 10 to 12 years of use. Components wear out quickly in older devices, necessitating periodic repairs.


Since new and more effective units are now possible thanks to technological advancements. It upgrades the old unit and can save money by cutting energy bills. Further, it also necessitates minimal maintenance.



5. Weak Airflow

Poor airflow might indicate many concerns, from minor fan faults to serious belts and motor problems. However, no matter how severe the issue is, you will have to call for heating repair in Mount Washington to address the problem.



6. Water Pooling

You must call an HVAC specialist to fix the problem promptly and maintain your home heating. They monitor the liquid accumulating around the heaters. This problem is usually brought on by a congested condenser tube. Moreover, it is best left to a specialist because it calls for both HVAC and plumbing knowledge to fix.

To Summarize

Even though some heating problems are unavoidable, some result from unresolved servicing difficulties. These factors require routine maintenance to maintain the furnace and for the heating system to operate at peak efficiency. In addition, regular heating repair in Mount Washington will help identify damages and reduce wear and tear, which will help to avert failures.


Afterhours Heating and Air Conditioning solutions will assist you whenever you face furnace or heat pump issues. To keep your home secure and comfortable, our NATE-certified HVAC specialists can help from routine maintenance to repair works. Schedule the heater tune-up immediately to guarantee that the home remains warm throughout the season.