Do Better Air Filters Make AC Work Harder?

Are you worried because you received an increase in your electricity bill? You might wonder the reason behind the issues because you just called the air conditioning in Louisville, KY, for maintenance service as per the schedule and upgraded the air filter from a basic filter to a modern high-tech air filter.

Maybe, The Fancy Air Filter Might Be Affecting Your AC System Performance

The high-tech and modern air filter bring a whole new wave of problems to your life. Air filters are an essential component of an AC system that acts as a barrier to letting the clean air pass through the filter to feed the AC system.

Numerous heating and air in Louisville, KY, might insist you purchase an expensive and fancy air filter by listing uncountable benefits. Still, they forget to mention one thing hindering AC system processing.

How Does An Air Filter Affect The Air Conditioning System Processing?

Here are some ways by which an air filter is an important reason behind almost all HVAC problems:


An air filter’s responsibility is to filter the dust and pollutant particles from the air. The potential of the air filter depends on how dense the material is to obstruct all the harmful particles in the air. According to the air conditioning in Louisville, KY, density is the problem.

Dense air filters work effectively, but along with dust and particulate matter, it hinders the path of air particles too. When the AC system does not get enough air, it struggles to take air from all the corners to maintain efficiency.


After working for months, all the dust and grime are collected at the air filter’s back. The accumulated dust becomes a hindrance as it collects all the area, and air particles do not have space to slip through the air filter.
So, checking and replacing the AC air filter would be best if you are facing issues regarding inefficiency and an uncomfortable environment in the house.

What Air Filter Is The Best, According To The Experts?

According to heating and air in Louisville, KY, the air filter efficiency is measured with the help of a MERV rating. An air filter is regarded to be:

  • High quality when the MERV rating is between 17-20. HEPA and UV light filters have the highest rating among the other air filters.
  • Low quality when the MERV rating lies between 1-5. Experts do not recommend you invest in inexpensive air filters with no productive value.

According to experts, household owners should invest in air filters with a MERV rating between 8-16. Some of the effective air filters are:

  • Pleated air filter
  • Electrostatic air filter
  • Electronic air filter


According to the air conditioning in Louisville, KY, disposable air filters work better than washable ones because the efficiency decreases after every wash. It is better to buy a thicker air filter with 4-5 inch thickness because it has more surface which gives more space for air to pass through.

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