How Do You Troubleshoot A Furnace Problem?

A furnace is an important heating appliance necessary and required in every home, especially during winter. With increased usage, it may face issues over time. Before calling a technician, it is essential to try some troubleshooting tips.

Our professional HVAC contractors believe it is better to know some easy techniques to revive your system if it breaks down suddenly. These tips will save you from extra expenses.

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Steps to Troubleshoot your Furnace

  • Turn Off the Electricity

When troubleshooting your broken-down furnace, first turn off the electric connection. It is one of the safest ways to start operating a machine.

  • Inspect the Thermostat

The thermostat is the reason you get evenly distributed temperatures across your house. Ensure that the thermostat is set to heat mode and then try increasing the temperature at least five degrees above the current room temperature. Replacing the batteries is also a good idea.

  • Check the Furnace Flame Sensor

The furnace often fails to turn on due to the dirt buildup in the burner and around the sensor. You must be careful to remove the dirt from there. Once it is cleaned properly, try restarting the system. According to our furnace repair technicians in Louisville, KY, you must ensure the burner is clean before you turn on the ignition.

  • Inspect the Furnace Filters

The filters do more than just purify the air. If the filters get jammed with dust and debris, the air will not pass through, putting an extra load on the furnace system. The system will overwork and may stop working after a certain point. That is why you must ensure that the filters are clean. Depending on the condition and time, you may also need to replace the filters.

  • Check the Electrical Panel

It doesn’t matter which furnace type you use. Every furnace has a separate electric panel board that controls the entire system. Follow these steps to inspect the panel and switch:

  1. Find the furnace switch and try to turn it on. If the problem remains, proceed to the electric panel.
  2. Locate the HVAC breaker switch. Please turn it on and wait for a few seconds to kick in.
  3. You must reset the breaker switch by turning it off and then turning it back in. You should hear a clicking sound from the breaker.

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  • Inspect the Ignition Flame

The furnace ignition flame should be blue. If it indicates yellow, it makes sense why your furnace is not turning on. Try adjusting the gas pipe and ensure that there is no gas leak.


As a homeowner, look for these signs and know the troubleshooting steps. Contact a professional if the problem persists. , After Hours Heating and Air performs furnace repair service in Louisville, KY, and the neighbouring areas. Call us at 502-289-5702, and we will answer your HVAC-related queries.