How To Choose A Furnace For My Home?

Your Fairfax, Virginia, home may encounter a wide variety of temperature and weather conditions throughout the winter. If you’re looking for a new furnace, just search for an HVAC specialist near me online.

Here Are A Few Factors You Should Keep In Mind Before Choosing A Furnace For Your Home:

Choose The Most Economical Fuel Type for Your Budget

Furnaces of HVAC repair Mount Washington may be powered by various fuels, including coal, fuel oil, and wood, although natural gas is the most common. Electric furnaces and heat pumps are viable for homes in the south and southeast of the United States, where winters are mild but inefficient in colder climates like Virginia. A gas or oil-powered model will provide you with high-efficiency heating while also reducing your energy use.

Even though gas furnaces are more costly than oil furnaces, they are more efficient. You’ll spend more upfront to purchase and install the unit, but you’ll save money in the long term as your energy bills drop. Oil furnaces are great for individuals searching for a quick and inexpensive option. Many of the existing models are still highly effective.

Keep an Eye on the Price of Gasoline

It’s also worth noting that oil prices fluctuate more often than gas prices. You’ll need to budget for price fluctuations since they may fall one month and rise the next. A gas furnace might give you more predictable monthly expenditures if you desire more steadiness.

Take a Look at the AFUE Scores

The word AFUE stands for annual fuel use efficiency, and it refers to the entire energy efficiency of a furnace. Higher numbers indicate higher efficiency. The AFUE rating is expressed as a percentage. AFUE ratings for oil furnaces range from 60 to 80 percent, whereas AFUE ratings for gas furnaces may reach 98 percent.

However, the kind of gasoline isn’t the only factor to consider. To find which furnace would save you the most money, you should compare a few different models. Like the EER (energy efficiency ratio), other ratings might help you choose the most cost-effective furnace for your home. Considering as many data points as possible will help you analyze various models more accurately and reach an informed decision.

Take Into Consideration the Actual Cost of Ownership

Your new furnace’s total cost of ownership (TOC) considers energy usage, installation, maintenance, and repair costs. Some furnaces survive longer than others, which means you’ll spend less money to keep them running. You may be able to find furnaces that need less time or effort to install, resulting in cheaper upfront costs.

Seek the Advice of an HVAC Expert

Don’t neglect your HVAC contractor, or HVAC repair mount Washington as a vital resource. He knows what systems will work best for you since he has installed or worked on many HVAC types of equipment. Your contractor will do a load assessment to account for factors unique to your home, such as the size and number of occupants. A skilled contractor can examine your requirements, budget, and any other relevant aspects to aid you in making your decision.

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