Steps To Follow Before Switching On The AC This Summer

After long winters, don’t wait for extreme summers to switch on your air conditioner. Now is a wonderful time to see if your system needs repair or maintenance. Is it not just about making sure all of your windows are closed and then pressing the thermostat’s button?

HVAC repair in Mount Washington suggests a few AC maintenance tasks complete before you can enjoy air conditioning for the sake of your health and that of your air conditioning system. You need to visually and physically inspect different system sections to ensure the air conditioner is working properly when you need it. Know how to do this by following a few simple procedures:

Examine The Indoor Unit

  • Put the thermostat in the “off” position first, then raise the temperature to a higher level (about 80 degrees), and then double-check whether it is working properly or not.
  • Inspect any exposed plumbing system for wear and tear since this could be the source of AC inefficiency or loss of cooling.
  • Examine all the vents in the house properly. Remove any items that could restrict airflows, such as curtains, furniture, or toys.
  • Make sure the drainpipe is clear.
  • Replace the air filter if necessary. The filter should be changed every three months and before starting a new cooling or heating season.
  • Check that the heating/air conditioning unit’s electricity is “on.”

Examine The Outside Unit

  • Examine the condenser unit outside. Check for any obstructions in or near the device, and clean the space around it.
  • Internal components might become clogged with leaves, vines, or dirt, reducing performance.
  • You should also look for any missing panels. The electrical connection is closed by the panel.
  • Examine the refrigerant line visually as insulation is required for the wiring.
  • Check for fraying on the external cables. Before operating the system, consult HVAC Contractors in Shepherdsville if you see any damage or wear.

Steps To Follow After Examining The AC

  • You can test the system after examining the indoor and outdoor equipment as mentioned above.
  • Set the thermostat to the desired temperature and “switch on” the system from the thermostat.
  • Go outside and listen, making sure the condenser fan is on, and the sound isn’t distorted.
  • Because the system is removing warm air from your home, the air coming out of the top of the device should feel warm.
  • Turn on the system for at least 10-15 minutes or until you see a reduction in indoor temperature throughout your home.


Remove any condenser coverings, coil blankets, or lids that were used to insulate the outdoor unit. Leaving any part of the outside unit covered while operating the air conditioner can be extremely damaging to the system, costing you a lot of money in HVAC repairs.

The right HVAC contractors in Shepherdsville, Mount Washington or Louisville KY can help. We can help you save money on all your HVAC-related services. To get the best air conditioner services, look for an air conditioning installation near me or call us at 502-317-8136.