Want To Know If Your AC Fuse Is Blown?

A calm mind can do wonders, and your air conditioner plays a great role in giving you the perfect environment one needs to live a stress-free life. But, what if suddenly your AC shuts down when you need it the most? Before you start to panic, let us tell you this is a very common issue that more than often occurs when your AC fuse is blown. Don’t worry, because all you have to do now is search for an AC service near me.

To understand the essentials of a fuse, we provide you with some very helpful information below. Once you know this, AC repair in Louisville is just a click away from your fingertips.

How Does Your AC Fuse Work?

Your AC works hard to maintain a cool atmosphere at your home, especially during summers. However, continuous usage could lead to excess heat that could be harmful to your system. Since a fuse is sensitive to heat, extreme heat could melt the fuse, resulting in damage.

How Would You Know if Your AC Fuse is Blown?

To know if your AC fuse is blown, check for these signs –

The outer unit of your AC stops working

If the outer unit of the air conditioning system suddenly hits a stall, it might indicate a blown fuse.

A humming sound might be heard

If your AC makes a humming noise despite having no power, it is a cue for you to look out for AC service near me.

Can You Check For A Blown Fuse Yourself?

Not everyone has the basic knowledge about the electrical system of an AC. Until and unless you are well-aware of the situation and have taken all the necessary precautions, refrain from deciphering the problem yourself. The chances are high that current might still be passing through the wires. If you live in Shepherdsville and face a similar issue, the best thing to do is contact AC repair in Shepherdsville.

How Can You Check For A Blown Fuse With A Voltmeter?

A great way to check for a blown fuse is by using a Voltmeter. Easy steps to follow while using a voltmeter for this purpose are –

  • Locate the disconnect box near the outdoor AC unit.
  • Locate both the incoming line and outgoing wires. Be cautious while doing so.
  • Check if your voltmeter is functioning properly by looking for either zero or infinity volts as per the model you’re using.
  • Attach the voltmeter to the lugs joining the two wires and see if the reading is between 220-240 volts.
  • Check the outgoing wires next to see if the reading is zero. If your answer is yes, you have a blown fuse.

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AC Repair Shepherdsville

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