What Happens If Your AC Unit Is Oversized?

Purchasing an air conditioner is a significant investment for homeowners, and they need to do their homework before making a final decision. If you don’t have the assistance of an Air Conditioner Repair in Louisville, KY, picking the right air conditioning system for your home can be difficult. After installation, many homeowners worry if they buy a too-large air conditioner.

Homeowners often believe that a larger unit will allow them to cool their residence more quickly and comfortably. Having a too-large unit for your home can lead to expensive problems. As a result of oversized air conditioners, the need to replace the unit years before its time can be crippling.

Four Warnings That Your Air Conditioner Is Oversized

Oversized air conditioners can have long-term effects on your family’s home and be expensive to fix or replace. If you notice any of the following symptoms, you may have a problem with your air conditioner:

Short Cycling

You can cool your home in ten minutes or less with an oversized air conditioner. The system will quickly cool the air around the thermostat, but the entire space will not be adequately cooled. This results in the system shutting down before it has time to cool the farthest rooms in the house.

Too Much Humidity

Inadequate dehumidification is another effect of an oversize air conditioner. An AC that is too large will cause your house to cool down too quickly, resulting in a cycle that stops before the drip pan fills up completely. As a result, you may notice mold growth on the walls or ceilings.

High Energy Bills

Summer utility bills will rise even more if you have an oversized air conditioner installed in your home because an oversized air conditioner has to work harder to cool down your home. If you’ve noticed an increase in your utility bills, your AC unit can be the reason.

Inconsistent Temperatures

The presence of hot and cold spots in an otherwise evenly heated home is one of the most obvious signs of an oversize AC unit. In the long run, a properly sized air conditioner will cool your home more gradually than a unit that is too small or too large.

Choosing The Right Size AC Unit For Your Home Is Important

It’s critical to determine your home’s cooling load before purchasing any AC system. An easy approach to figuring out the price of air conditioning is to look for an AC Service in Louisville, KY, and speak to a technician before purchasing a new system.

Professionals will employ Manual J calculations, which consider all of these parameters that are:

  • House surface x height of the ceiling
  • Number of people x 100 BTU
  • Number of doors or windows x 1000 BTU

These are specified for more accurate measurements and lets the expert know exactly what size HVAC system to put in your house for maximum comfort and efficiency. Your home’s climate control needs can only be met by a skilled HVAC specialist who knows how to measure and build a system to fulfill those needs correctly.

Call Our Experts!

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