What is AC Installation All About?

Surviving the humid summers in Shepherdsville, KY, without an AC can be quite challenging for a homeowner. Particularly so when you have a family in need of comfort. AC installation in Shepherdsville doesn’t happen overnight. Rather, it’s a long and complicated process. Although all the work will be done by an AC contractor or an AC installation professional, you would still benefit by knowing the involved steps. This way, you can decide whether your HVAC professional is doing a satisfactory job or not.

In most cases, AC installation in Shepherdsville involves the following set of procedures –

1. Indoor Unit Installation
After you finalize, the location for the indoor unit, your AC installation professional will begin the installation process. Broadly, the following steps are involved –

  • Indoor Mounting Plate
    The mounting plate must be fixed and installed on a strong enough wall to support the indoor unit’s weight. The plate should then be secured onto the wall after it is completely level with the ground.
  • Fitting of Indoor Unit
    The indoor unit is then set on the mounting plate using the appropriate markings.
  • Piping, Hosing, and Wiring
    This step includes boring a hole on a wall. This is done for connecting the copper piping, drain hose, and power cable to the outdoor unit.
  • Connecting the Power Cable
    This step involves routing the power cable from the indoor unit to the nearest power socket in the room.

Be careful that the service person doesn’t connect the power cable to the indoor unit. That might be dangerous and cause electric shocks.

  • Stabilizer
    Most air conditioning units will need a stabilizer that you must provide to the serviceperson. They will then inspect and fit it with your indoor unit.

2. Outdoor Unit Installation

After the indoor unit installs securely, the AC serviceperson will proceed with installing the outdoor unit.

  • Selecting a place for Outdoor Unit
    A preferable place for AC installation would be one that can tolerate the weight and vibration of the unit. Besides that, choose a place where the loud operation noise and hot air discharged from the outdoor unit don’t annoy your neighbors.
  • Mounting the outdoor unit
    Following all the important precautions and safety measures, the serviceperson will fix the unit securely on rubber grommets with the help of foundation bolts. Ensure that the foundation bolts are 20mm above the foundation surface after they are screwed in.
  • Copper Piping and Power Cable
    This step involves routing the power cable and copper piping between the indoor and outdoor units. Then the serviceperson will secure the pipe and the cable by wrapping or insulating them.
  • Leakage Checks
    In this step, the service professional performs the necessary leakage and vacuum checks. A leakage check is done by purging the air.
  • Performance Testing
    Finally, the serviceperson checks the cooling performance before filing the installation report and acknowledging the same from you.

The AC Installation in Shepherdsville is a detailed process where a customer’s cooperation helps in speeding up and making the procedure easier for the service professional.

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