What Stops the Central Heating System From Working?

Central heating, also known as a forced air furnace, uses ducts in typical home heating systems to circulate heat throughout the house. As it is made to operate as efficiently as possible, you probably won’t give it much thought until something goes wrong and your heat stops working

Before preparing to call for a furnace repair expert in Louisville, KY, first know why your central heating breaks down. 

Five Reasons Why the Central Heating is not Working

Below are some reasons why the central heating can stop working as well as simple checks to make before calling an engineer to look at your central heating:

  • Improper Airflow

Verify the cleanliness of your exhaust flue and ducts. Ensure the registers are open and air can move freely in the rooms if your furnace is turning on, but not all rooms are heating up as intended.

Check the ductwork next to ensure it is free of splits and cracks. If you discover a crack, make sure the exhaust flue is clear and shut it using metal tape. Birds frequently build nests inside and block the vent.

Clean up any leaves or grass buildup from the intake or exhaust vent if your furnace is a heat pump or vents outside your house.

  • Faulty Blower Capacitor

The blower capacitor starts the furnace once the setting on the thermostat is instructed to begin. Every capacitor has a tolerance level.

If the blower does not achieve the appropriate RPM, it is a sign that the capacitor is not working. The simple solution is to call a heating repair service in Louisville, KY.

  • Clogged Filter

It’s time to replace the filter if your blower operates but produces no heat. Over time, dust and dirt accumulation start to obstruct airflow. The heat exchange may overheat and start to shut off too soon when the filter becomes blocked in this way, leaving your home a little chilly rather than heated to the temperature you had set the thermostat to and anticipated it would reach.

  • Faulty Ductwork

In some cases, the heater is not working because there is no problem in the heater but a problem in the ductwork. Ensuring that the appropriately designed and installed ductwork is necessary.

Many installers opt to cut corners while sizing ducts or installing them. The best way to ensure no fault in ductwork is to hire a professional furnace repair technician in Louisville, KY.

  • The Refrigerant Level is too Low

When the refrigerant level is too low for a more extended period, it might cause the compressor to overheat and break down. Recharging your refrigerant or fixing leaks is much less expensive than replacing the compressor.

Bottom line

Heating systems can have various problems, but it is arguably the worst if the furnace does not work. A furnace without power means discomfort during the winter season. Knowing why your central heating system has stopped working makes it easier to understand how to address the problem.

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