What To Do If AC Stops Working?

Have you ever arrived home to a hot house at the end of the day or been at home when the air conditioner suddenly stops working? You probably worried and started wondering how much it would take to Air Conditioner Repair in Louisville, KY, as you approached the phone to call for help.

When your air conditioner stops working or isn’t maintaining your home as cool as it should, pause and troubleshoot it before calling a maintenance specialist. It could be a simple fix that you can undertake on your own.

What Could Be The Potential Causes?

Leakage and Damaged

Refrigerant is the fluid that passes over your air conditioner coils, transferring heat from within your place to outside the conditioned place. If your unit is leaking coolant, it won’t be able to transfer heat out of your household efficiently. Your air conditioner will run, but you will not be comfortable. Schedule an expert for your Air Conditioner Repair in Louisville, KY, and live as you used to.

Blocked and Dry Filters

Condenser devices are typically found at exterior parts and can be covered by shrubs, plants, etc. Your condenser unit wouldn’t be capable of efficiently removing heat from the coils if it is obstructed. This indicates that the heat from your place may not be adequately discharged.

The other case might be dry filters. As your air filter gets jammed, the volume of air that can pass through your evaporator coils is reduced. When this occurs, most of the hot air that your ac unit draws from the air in your place will not be conditioned. Get in touch with Ac Repair in Louisville, who can get back your comfortable life.

Aged Air Conditioner

If an air conditioning system hits the end of its lifespan, it will no longer be able to chill your household as effectively as it used to. This is a natural part of an air conditioner’s lifespan, so it’s vital to upgrade your system when it can no longer function properly.

Ways To Tackle This Malfunction On Your Own

Check The Power Supply

If your air conditioning system isn’t working, ensure it’s properly hooked into the socket and that the power supply is still attached. The problem might be with your electrical box if the socket and cord are normal. Air conditioners demand big power surges, and yours could have tripped a circuit.

Unclog The Filters

Several air conditioners feature a built-in system that shuts off the machine if the filter becomes blocked. This is done to avoid motor breakage and overheating. It’s also possible that the filter is so congested that it’s preventing appropriate ventilation. Examine your unit’s filter and remove the dust or change the filters as needed.

Check And Clean Up The Compressor

Maintaining the area surrounding your compressor and securing it for the wintertime should be part of your monthly maintenance. Throughout the year, dust, mud, and other material can accumulate and hinder the unit from working correctly. While some people tackle compressor cleaning, for the best results, take assistance from professionals for Ac Repair in Louisville.


These steps ensure your machine gets the proper cleanup and maintenance. Before performing any repair, make sure the machine is turned off. And leave the tricky bits to the pros like After Hours Heating and Air.
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