Will a Bad Thermostat Cause The Furnace Not To Work?

You can resolve some of the furnace problems at home with DIY steps. One of the most commonly encountered furnace problems is a malfunctioning thermostat. It is best to check and troubleshoot your thermostat if your furnace isn’t functioning as it should and you’ve ruled out other possible causes, such as a broken furnace heat exchanger or clogged air filters.

If your furnace system is improperly working, call the heating and air services in Louisville, KY, to avoid sudden breakdowns.

Five Common Causes of Thermostat Failure

Various issues can cause your furnace to malfunction or even break down. These are the top five reasons for thermostat failure:

1. Defective Batteries

The thermostat needs batteries to operate, just like any other electrical gadget. The thermostat won’t track the temperature nor tell your furnace to switch on if the batteries are dead. If your thermostat displays a low power warning, try opening the lid and changing the batteries. If you experience inconsistent performance, try using AA batteries as opposed to alkaline. Call the HVAC services in Louisville, KY, if the problems still occur.

2. Grime Build-Up

Your thermostat may have trouble maintaining the desired temperatures because of the dirt build-up inside it. If this is the case, your thermostat will have difficulty accurately determining the indoor temperature in your home.

If your thermostat is old, try dusting the inside of its cover and cleaning the component with a dry cloth to eliminate any gunk. However, hiring qualified HVAC professionals to inspect and maintain your thermostat is the quickest and safest way to ensure that it is clean and functional.

3. Old Thermostat
An old thermostat is more likely to give you more problems than a modern one. Naturally, thermostats are subject to wear and tear, and if your thermostat is towards the end of its useful life, there is a higher risk of malfunctions. If so, consider investing in a programmable thermostat to ensure your heating system runs at its best. You can contact HVAC services in Louisville, KY, to find the right thermostat replacement for your home.

4. Loose Wiring
Inadequate installation might lead to loose wiring inside your thermostat, which in turn causes poor performance and potentially severe electrical problems. It would be best if you refrained from attempting to repair wiring issues with your thermostat on your own, as this could endanger your heating system more. Contact your trusted specialists to repair or replace your thermostat instead.

5. Incorrect Placement
It is important to position the thermostat correctly to ensure good functionality. Your thermostat must be within five feet of any doors to function effectively. It should also not be placed in direct sunlight, close to a heat source, or direct sunlight. It is essential since you need to do so to avoid your thermostat reporting the wrong indoor temperature.

To Summarize,

Heating and Air repair experts in Louisville, KY, recommend investing in a smart thermostat if you are considering a thermostat replacement. It will help to increase savings and make the HVAC operation more efficient.

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